About us

White Fluffy is a brand that focuses on goat milk in our product. Goat Milk has been used in the ancient time by Cleopatra for her beauty and flawless skin. We infused her beauty secret in White Fluffy products to share with all of you.

Goat milk is enriching in essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have a unique pH that similar to humans. Hence, it will cause less irritating, easily absorb by our skin and keeps away the bacteria. Essential fatty acids did their great job in fight acne. So good-bye pimples!

Did you know that vitamin A is the most important vitamin for skin? Worries no more! Goat milk contains precious of skin minerals and loaded with vitamins especially in Vitamin A that works as anti-aging and improves overall skin health. Lactic acid helps to rid all the dead skin cells and makes your face bright and shine all day.

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